Download Oz the Great and Powerful Movie in HD

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Download Oz the Great and Powerful Movie in HD


The story of The Wizard of Oz is famous in all ages and requires no special introduction. The novel of L. Frank Baum moved to film in 1939 by MGM and even today is considered one of the masterpieces of cinema, and now Disney is going back a bit in history, creating a prequel to the origins of the famous magician. The director was in Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man trilogy and as the title role in Oz we meet James Franco .


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In "Oz the Great and Powerful" The Oz has nothing to do with the film's title. He is a charlatan apateoniskos womanizer who cares only for himself and no one else, and who was persecuted by his own traveling circus in Kansas breezy, leads to the magical land of Oz where the host as messiah according to a prophecy waiting for a large and trans magician to slay the evil witch who has captured the country to regain the throne. Of course he did not have the skills to do that, but seeing gold that awaits him if it carries out its mission agrees to follow her to the end along with ... a winged monkey and a porcelain doll.


At this the mission will meet three witches, the Theodora ( Mila Kunis ), the Evanora ( Rachel Weisz ) and Glinda ( Michelle Williams ). The relationship that we develop with each one will affect his relationship with the other, and through this magical game must find which of these three is the evil witch must kill. I will not tell you what the green witch we see in the movie posters because that would spoil a major part of the mystery that unfolds in the first place, but what we can say is that the piece with the three witches are the most fun of history.


So there are two ways to tell a story today in the movie that make some sense and not trivial. The first way is to change everything by keeping only the core of creating something entirely new. This road followed "Snow White and the Huntsman" without much success, and this is expected to do and "Jack the Giant Slayer" the Bryan Singer will see this month. The second way to tell a story properly on the big screen is not only to maintain all that makes fairytale, but to magnify the image as a charm like when you were a kid and you heard the story about the first time.


This second path chosen by Raimi, and from the result appears to have done well. Specific effects of "Oz the Great and Powerful" is one of the best we've seen for a long time creating a digital three-dimensional Middle Earth. The writers create various improbable creatures from fairy spit water up lions and baboons fly, but Raimi handles its content carefully so that makes it look much better than it is. In fact it has already won the game when it's black and white and in 4:3 screen size the real world of Kansas to open in widescreen and colorful rainbows when the balloon enters the magical land of Oz. Oz himself is modeled magic inventor Thomas Edison and the basis of discovery in the final design, but the real magic is in the direction of Raimi achieves fantastic to visualize a modest story, just enough to make it interesting.


initial choice for the role of Oz was Robert Downey Jr.. , and indeed would fit perfectly with the requirements, but James Franco and do not go bad. The truth is that in recent years has been involved in so many movies in one place and then feel that simply explains himself, but here it blends with whatever features needs to have the young wizard of Oz and without taking off for no reason role, he is at least decent.


The witches gather, however, much more interesting, with Rachel Weisz steals the show as the most dynamic and while cold and Michelle Williams supports quite well the role of the good witch, and do not we have become accustomed to such films. The Mila Kunis is somewhere in between and is a pleasant surprise offering an interpretation that starts with a sexy way but aktaligei fun with one completely different.

As for the green witch, its representation is like something out of a fairy tale for children but still works especially if you have knowledge of the original story.


On the other course, the more you know about tiin original story of Oz limited both surprises and end seems predictable, but the effects of Raimi not disappoint and it does not take a moment to regret what you see, and will vindicate you choose to watch "Oz the great and Powerful" in the cinema. Can Disney have created a story that appeals to children, with cliches and failed humor and originality that no one will delight adults, but fortunately there is a project to Raimi and saves the day. The amazing effects and stunning 3D will stay our of this film that is otherwise as we target children audience, although in the end you wonder how things would be if Raimi had complete freedom of movement and content.